Our Commitment to Safety


At Perishable Distribution Solutions, safety isn’t business, it’s personal.  We put the safety of our drivers, our property and cargo, and the general public first at all times.  We seek out and employ safety-minded personnel who ensure we are in accordance with all regulations at all times.

Our new safety program will focus on employee engagement, peer to peer communication, and a knowledgeable team of committed individuals who are up to speed and well educated on all DOT regulations.  We use industry and company data to compile accurate driver performance indicators, observe, record, and continually evaluate our drivers while rewarding those who consistently deliver world-class service on-time and without incident.

At Perishable Distribution Solutions, it is all about the ABC’s of SAFETY:


In line with our safety program, all of our new 2018 equipment is held to a maintenance schedule that ensures our equipment is safe and compliant at all times.  Our pre and post trip inspections and DVIR’s are conducted in accordance with all DOT regulations, and our maintenance and equipment files are current and up to date in partnership with our expert network of vendors.  All of our carrier partners must meet stringent safety criteria and standards prior to being allowed to participate in our network.


Why a Carrier’s Intervention Threshold Matters

One of the ways the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) prioritizes carriers for interventions is based on the number of BASIC percentiles above the carrier’s established threshold; high BASIC percentiles indicate noncompliance within that BASIC. A carrier is subject to one of the three Intervention Thresholds: general, passenger carrier, or placardable hazardous materials (HM). The general Intervention Threshold applies to most carriers, except for those meeting the passenger carrier or placardable HM criteria.

For detailed information on the our safety ratings below please visit the Complaince • Safety • Accountability section on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Website.

FDA Food Safety Modernization Act

We at Perishable Distribution Solutions are committed to compliance at all times with all applicable laws and regulations pertaining to the transportation of food and food related products including but not limited to the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food regulations (21 C.F.R. 1.900) which is covered under the FSMA, 49 U.S.C. 5701.

Our Trucks

PDS utilizes our asset-based fleet of 40+ tractor/trailers, as well as our network of thousands of PDS approved third party carriers to offer reliable transport of your goods at competitive prices.

PDSLI Kenworth T-680
PDSLI Kenworth T-680
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