Safety Protocols


Perishable Distribution Solutions, Inc. takes the safety of our drivers, the motoring public, and the freight of our customers very seriously. To that end, PDS employs dedicated safety and maintenance personnel to make sure that our drivers and equipment run legally in accordance with DOT regulations.

Mandatory safety meetings are held quarterly to review and reinforce safe driving techniques, hours of service rules, and recognize drivers for their performance. In addition, a monthly newsletter is distributed throughout the company that highlights recent safety issues, new DOT regulations, as well as helpful driving and health related tips. PDS drivers are continually evaluated to make sure their performance is up to company and insurance standards. Drivers who are unable to maintain the requisite qualifications are dismissed from the company.

All PDS-owned equipment is held to an established maintenance schedule to make sure that PDS tractors and trailers run safely for our drivers, the public, and our customers. Safety personnel check all equipment regularly before and after routes to make sure equipment is in appropriate working condition. Our 24 hour repair network extends into all the states we service to help insure on time delivery. Similarly, our carrier partners have to meet stringent safety criteria and standards before they are allowed to participate in our carrier network. Review of their safety history, including driver and equipment safety scores are evaluated during the process.

We take safety very seriously

Why a Carrier’s Intervention Threshold Matters

One of the ways the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) prioritizes carriers for interventions is based on the number of BASIC percentiles above the carrier’s established threshold; high BASIC percentiles indicate noncompliance within that BASIC. A carrier is subject to one of the three Intervention Thresholds: general, passenger carrier, or placardable hazardous materials (HM). The general Intervention Threshold applies to most carriers, except for those meeting the passenger carrier or placardable HM criteria.

For detailed information on the our safety ratings below please visit the Complaince • Safety • Accountability section on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Website.

Our Trucks

PDS utilizes our asset-based fleet of 40+ tractor/trailers, as well as our network of thousands of PDS approved third party carriers to offer reliable transport of your goods at competitive prices.

PDS_Weinstein meats chicago truck
PDSLI Kenworth T-680
PDSLI Kenworth T-680

We welcome your questions or comments! Please contact us today if you have any questions regarding PDS saftey standards or services.

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